Just like you, we had our reasons for wanting to start the keto diet. One of us was incredibly unhealthy, carrying around a lot of unneccesary weight. Health was in jeopardy, a career was at risk, and something needed to be done. The other of us had developed severe diabetes, which cost him most of his right foot. At different times and different places in our lives, we needed to change the way we lived, which meant we needed to change the way we ate. After years and years living the keto lifestyle, we’re back to healthy weight, our health has improved dramatically and we feel better than ever!

When we put our heads together to look at how we could help other people start losing weight and living healthier lives, it struck us like lightning. Everyone, no matter how young or old, fit or overweight they may be, has to start somewhere. We started the 30 Day I/F Keto Challenge so that we could get people through the hardest part – taking the first steps on the keto diet. We agreed that no matter where their journey took them after the first 30 days, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started.

How much can change for YOU in as little as 30 days? Join our challenge today and find out how easy it can be to live a healthier, happier life!



When you join our 30 day challenge, we’re going to walk you through the basics of the ketogenic diet and how to best get started. We’re here to take the first steps with you.


Intermittent fasting can be a great way to help boost the body into ketosis. We’re going to show you how to take the first steps to get yourself ready for 24, 48, or even 60 hour fasting!


We’ll walk you through what ketones are and how your body creates them. Once we understand  how the body will be burning fat as its primary fuel source, we’ll explain what ketosis is, as well as how to acheive and maintain it!


The macro ratio is going to be one of the most important aspects when starting your keto lifestyle. We’ll break down what a healthy macro split should be, as well as help tailor a macro breakdown for your goals.


After years of being on the diet, we know that its not always easy to have keto friendly food around. We know that life gets in the way, and we have a few useful supplements we recommend to help fill in those gaps.


Wondering what you should eat during the challenge? Don’t worry about it. We’ll give you the meals, the recipes, and which groceries to buy to be successful for the full 30 days!


During the challenge, we’ll be selecting people each week for different keto goodies. From Ketone meters, to supplements and so much more, we want to reward people for the great progress they make throughout the challenge!


We believe that the best way to stay on track is to have people there to help along the way. We’re going to check in with you every week to share in your successes, help coach you through your struggles, and support you all the way!



Changing your diet means changing your mindset. We only ask that if you decide to join our challenge, you be open to changing your mindset about what and how you eat. We can only help people who are willing to make a positive change.


30 days. That’s where we start. We’re going to give you almost everything you need to get started on the keto diet, but we do ask that you give us your 30 day commitment to the challenge, and invest in 30 days of a helpful supplement.


I have been thinking about my body and how for years I have put on a little or a lot of weight.

I saw a picture of my cousin in late February showing a before and an after of Fasting & Keto.

I was amazed by his progress in such a short time.

I found the FirstSteps2Keto 30 Day Challenge and decided it was a good time to start.

I am 79 yrs old, a 5’ female weighing in at 166.2 lbs.

On March 1st. Today I weigh 150.2.

I was thinking that next year I will be 80. Am I to be this way for the rest of my life? Putting on more and more weight? I want to be able to do the things that I want to do.

I did not think that I could do this by myself. I prayed that God would help me to be committed to finish the last of the 30 days as I was at the 1st day.

Thank you 🙏 for the FirstSteps2Keto 30 Day Challange. It has made me a believer that you are never too old to be better, to be healthy.

I am not finished yet, but I am on my way to a better me.

Blessings to you all.

Patricia Johnson

Good morning to all!  I want to encourage everyone & beyond!  You have some serious questions to ask yourself?  Why are you on this journey?  Is it for your health?  Did someone challenge you?  Do you need some confidence?  Do you not like what you see in the mirror?  Take a step back & think about it?  Well I want to share with you some of my journey into my past life & the beginning of the new me!  Honestly, I started this journey because I was tired of looking in the mirror and did not like what I saw.  I wanted to be healthier.  And I wanted my husband to get healthier as well.  We both are overweight.  My health is better than my husbands, but I recently was put on a cholesterol medication, and I was taking an anxiety medication.  I don’t like to take any type of medication.  My husband on the other hand has been spiraling downhill with his health issues.  He has diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol problems.  Joint pain as well.

I have yo-yo dieted most of my adult life.  Any new diet I would try only to fail!

This journey is different.  I knew I had to make some life style changes.  I have been saying most of my life that our government is killing us!  Stop & think about what I’m about to say!  First I was born in the 1950’s.  I know what a simple life is!  I can remember playing kickball, jump rope, hop scotch, dodge ball in the street.  I was told to come home when the street lights came on.  I remember that we ate 3 meals a day, but no snacks in between!!!!  Life was simple!!!  Foods did not have all the chemicals that are in them today.  I can remember when my grandmother stopped making bread and Wonder bread was replaced.  Some of you have never had any of the experiences that I’m talking about because of your young age.  There is life after all the garbage we have put into our bodies.  When I was a teenager, I did not get breasts until I was 13/14 years old.  Today our children are getting breasts about the age of 8 to 10 years old now!  Hormones in our foods are causing that!  Children are hard to control!  Chemicals, hormones, & colored dyes in our foods are causing that!  I know this, because I had a child that was hyperactive, and I took away all dyes from her and she became a very normal child!  All of the reason’s above are also reasons why I took this challenge!  I want my children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren to be healthy as well.  I see our future generations going downhill & dying at a younger age than they should be.

I started my journey July 2018.  I have lost 40 lbs.  While being on this challenge I lost 10 lbs. and went down 1 inch in my waist.  To some of you that is a lot & to some that would not be enough. I say it is just right for my body!  Please remember we all lose at different rates.  We are not equal when it comes to our bodies.  Some of you will lose a lot & some won’t lose at all.  I have had lots of non-scale successes.  I feel if I can lose in clothes-sizes I’m happy as well.  I don’t have to lose on the scales because when I exercise, muscle weighs more than fat and that is a very good thing!!!  That means all the flab I have in my body is going away and I’m becoming leaner!

Please keep in mind I still have a way to go.  I still want to lose 25 to 30 more pounds and that is ok!  I am doing it the way my body wants me to do it!  The other thing I want to talk about is DOSE!  Dose has helped me in other ways besides losing weight.  It has helped me with my anxiety!!!!!!!!  It took me a little longer than some.  I had a lot of crap/chemicals I still needed to get rid of in my body.  Today I have been on DOSE for over a month.  Oh, how I think more clearly!!!!!!!!  I have no more stinking thinking as I call it!  I make better decision’s now. My husband told me recently he has his wife that he married over 25 years ago back!  I am calmer now. I am totally off anxiety medication.  But it did take me almost 3 to 4 weeks to feel this way.  Everybody is different!  I am off my cholesterol medication.  I feel so much better and I know DOSE will do the same for you!  My husband on the other hand has been very negative toward all of this because he thinks he will starve to death!  I finally got him to agree to try all of what I am doing for 1 week!  Just 1 week is all I have asked for.  Well I am here to tell you I think he will be doing this for longer than a week!  I started him on the happy coffee on Friday 3/29/19.  I started him on the challenge on Sunday 3/31/19.

Keep in mind this man is on metformin, lantus, insulin, lexapro, lipitor, lisinopril medication.  He kept going up on the insulin every 3 to 4 days if his sugars kept going up.  His sugars have been running between 200 & 250 with insulin and still having to go 2 units every time his sugars stay up.  This man has been off of the insulin for over a week now.  Sugars were at 200 to 208 without insulin!!!!

Yesterday I received this awesome text from my husband, and I want to share it with you!  And trust me when I say he has never ever written anything like this to me!

“Thank you for being my wife and taking care of me.  I was at 174 with no insulin about a week now.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  Love you so much!  I pray to God thanking him for you.  You have an awesome day and thank you for the food!”

This text made me cry happy tears while I was at work!  After that I was doing a happy dance at work! He is why I am doing this challenge!  I want another 25 years or more with this awesome man!!!

Once again, I ask you why are you going on this journey/challenge?

Have a great day peeps!

Terry Bromley

Where to begin… NY Italian, Veteran (Desert Storm to Iraqi Freedom), Single Dad, NYC 911 First Responder… These are a few of the rocks that paved the road to where I am today.

Before I let you in on how I arrived at this juncture, I want you all to know that we ALL have a different story. Everyone has their own rocks… big and small. Some seem like boulders, while others seem like a grain of sand. No matter how small or how large the rock… No matter if you chose to walk around them, under/ over them… or even through them. They all lead you to this very spot in life.

The spot I’m referring to is called “First Steps 2Keto w/ IF, 30 Day Challenge”. CONGRATULATIONS! You like myself, just a few months ago, decided to take charge of your life and seek a path that will put YOU back in control of your life. If your reading this, then you are only mere inches away from taking a very powerful first step towards positive and amazing things that WILL change your life.

Speaking of inches… this is my story…

For the past 12 years, I’ve worked as an Engineer in a prominent hotel in Times Sq. NYC. Since 2012, I have sustained 3 unfortunate injuries at work. All 3 required surgery. In 110 months, I’ve spent of 30 of them, recovering. That is a LOT of time. Most of it spent, starring at walls. The only constants were, stress, depression and eating. Did I mention that I’m Italian?? Yeah? Then you understand when I said “eating”… I meant EATING!!!

I’m 5’4″ tall. In 2011, I did the P90X 3 times. I was in the best shape of my life. 160lbs of muscle with maybe 8% body fat. Then the injuries happened. In April 2018 after 9mths out with my 2nd injury, I finally returned to work. It lasted 3 months.

The end of June 2018, my buddy Jim Withers, whom I served with at my first command (and Co-Founder of this group), had reached out to me the same week I was injured. He wanted me to try Keto, using this supplement, he called “Happy Coffee”. At the time, I was in a lot of pain (Torn ACL & MCL). I was getting the Workers Comp run around, pending surgery. I pretty much told him, “I don’t believe in, nor do I have time to entertain gimmicks”, as I explained to him what I was going through.

Over the following months… starring at the same walls AGAIN, with little improvement in my knee even after surgery, feeling defeated, deflated etc… I was eating like an animal. By Dec/Jan, I was pushing 190lbs!! My PTSD symptoms, that were very minor up to this point, seeped into the cracks of my deteriorated armor… and things went from bad to WORSE! I started having anxiety attacks, then panic attacks. For sure, I was at the end of my rope. In 45yrs of life.. I NEVER quit anything. I always believed and preached, “as long as there is air in my lungs and my heart beats, I will do everything in my power to succeed.”

Yet, for the first time in my life, I could honestly say that I didn’t care what happened. I felt like total garbage physically and mentally, I had all but given up. LUCKY for me, my buddy Jim, noticed the changes through our daily conversations over the phone each week. In the military, we call our bonds “The Brotherhood”. The Brotherhood holds each of us accountable for each other. No kid gloves. No pulled punches. We tell it like it is and we call it like we see it.

On January 6th, I was called out! To keep it “CLEAN”, JIm basically said, enough was enough… and “Happy Coffee” was in my immediate future, where I liked it or not… I KNEW he wasn’t kidding. Later that night, when I thought about our phone call, I realized how FORTUNATE I was to have someone that I hadn’t seen, since I served with him nearly 30 years ago, to not just identify I was in a bad way, but cared enough to accept nothing less than, “We ARE going to right this ship”!

A few days later on January 9th, I ordered my “Happy Coffee Combo” and started Keto. A week later, my life did a complete 180! I was AWOKEN. I felt fully restored. Both physically and more importantly mentally, I felt like a Phoenix… Rising from the ashes.

Going into the February Challenge (The First Challenge), I was roaring. I felt like a million bucks and all the questions I had were eventually answered in the coming weeks. When I began the Challenge, I knew Jim and I had only spoken to his buddy Ian R. Prather (Co Founder) for a few minutes on the phone when Jim introduced us. With in 2 weeks, I had became very close to well over 200 strangers, that stormed into the challenge with me. The SUPPORT is 2nd to NONE! Every single post is responded to too. I was made an Admin of the page as the waves of questions and posts came in abundance. Thank goodness, Christina Chaney Smith and Shalee Green were also added on as Admins.

By the 2nd month, (March Challenge), the Support was so significant, that it almost became flooded and hard to keep up with. When March ended, I had lost a bunch of inches. I didn’t count but I had to replace my entire wardrobe. I was down to 162lbs. My goal was 160… I missed it by 2lbs, but here’s the thing. I DON’T even care. I AM NOT existing! I AM LIVING!!!

This is NOT a DIET! This IS a LIFESTYLE. We do NOT do the Keto diet here… We DO the KETO LIFESTYLE!

If you are struggling with weight, diabetes or even fatigue, I IMPLORE YOU to come join us! We WILL teach you how to live the KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE! Order your “Happy Coffee”. We will provide you with a FREE Meal Plan, FREE Recipes, FREE Grocery List, FREE UNLIMITED Support from the most AMAZING people the internet can offer and FREE tools like our Keto Bot, ROWAN, who every day walks you step by step through your Keto Challenge, and our Website with an AMAZING Macro Calculator!

If you finished reading all of this… then you have nothing to lose! Join FirstSteps2Keto I/F 30 Day Challenge and take charge of your life TODAY! I look forward to one day reading your testimony!

Till then, Don’t lose sleep. Don’t lose your mind. Join us and lose Inches and pounds instead

Anthony Galleto


You’ve seen everything we’re going to give you, you know how little we ask, and you’ve read some of the success stories from people who have completed the challenge. What are you waiting for you, start the 30 Day I/F Keto Challenge TODAY!