You’ve probably heard of the Keto diet. You probably know a handful of people who are already on the Ketogenic diet. You may have even seen some of the amazing results people have gotten from living the Keto lifestyle, and you’ve decided that the Keto journey is the right path for you. Then comes the hard part. Where on earth do you start?? What do you eat? How much should you exercise? What’s the right fat/protein/carb ratio for you?  A high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet might make you feel like you’ve got to clear out the fridge and dump everything in the cupboards. The good news is, you don’t. Getting started on the ketogenic diet comes with learning which foods to exchange out, and when. You don’t have to do without bread, you don’t have to pass on dessert. These are the First Steps to Keto.

Now we know that there is no shortage information out there about the Keto Diet. In fact, you can jump online anytime and find hundreds (if not millions) of people who will tell you that you can eat whatever you want so long as it says it’s “keto”, as well as the people who have taken the Keto diet to the strictest extremes. If you’re looking for either of those extremes, you are in the wrong place. Just like you, we had to start somewhere. We had questions about the Keto diet, we had questions about macros, about body types. We know how it feels to be new to something, and we’re here to HELP you succeed, not criticize you for not knowing everything we’ve learned along the way. We’re not here to show off, or to be snooty to be people. We just want to help people make the best choices for them when starting the Ketogenic diet.

Where your Keto journey takes you is entirely up to you. We’re just glad you came to us to help you take your First Steps to Keto.

Ian R. Prather

Jim Withers