When most people think of the keto diet, they think of it simply as a way to lose weight and feel better. The ketogenic diet IS a great way to lose weight and feel better, but it can offer so much more. Whether you’re just looking to lose a few pounds to look good for pool party season, or truly looking to change the way your body converts food to fuel, the keto diet can be right for just about anyone. We’ve even seen people gain the positive effects of keto when managing diabetes, fighting cancer and many more illnesses. The bottom line is that changing to the keto diet means you can change your life.

 The real challenge is figuring out the way that the keto diet can best fit YOUR personal dietary goals or needs. The way that someone approaches keto when they’d just like to lose a few pounds will be very different than it would be for some managing diabetes. Since we look closely at our macro intake as a ratio, everyone can determine what works best for them. Here are a few different ways people can use keto to change the way they live.


You feel like you want to lose a few pounds, but you’re not really overweight at an unhealthy level. Maybe it’s to look better, or generally feel better, but you’ve decided it’s time to start a diet, and the keto diet looks to be the right way to get there. People in this category don’t always have to be as strict about their macro ratios, but they may have to shift to a higher fat, lower carb mix. Since they are not carrying around a bunch of extra fat, their bodies will need more fat to burn to get to ketosis. Depending on your particular body type and shape, a 75%-85% fat intake will probably be a great place to start to lose that unwanted weight.


For these people, losing weight isn’t just a suggestion, it’s required for their health. They’ve gotten to the point that the doctor tells them to “lose weight or else”. While nobody wants to hear that from their doctor or medical professional, the good news is that the keto diet can help these people lose a large amount of weight by using the excess fat they need to lose as way to get in to ketosis. Once you restrict your carbohydrate intake, the body will start to burn the existing fat as a fuel source. For people who might be in this position, fat intake will not need to be as high when starting the keto diet. Carbs and sugar will still need to be as low as possible, but proteins can make up the macro ratio intake fairly easily.



Diabetes is a disease where the body either does not make at all, or it does not make or use insulin well. For anyone who manages diabetes, diet will be an immediate concern to help control blood sugar levels. The challenge for anyone with Diabetes may not only come from sugar intake, but also from carbohydrate intake from their diets, as the body needs insulin to convert the glucose released during the carb breakdown, more commonly known as “blood sugar”, into energy. If diabetics aren’t creating the insulin needed to convert the sugars and starches in carbs into energy, an excess of glucose in the blood can lead to serious problems with the eyes, liver, kidneys or even the heart.

On the keto diet, people managing diabetes can greatly lower their glucose levels by cutting down their carbohydrate intake. By increasing the amount of healthy fats and proteins in a diet, it allows the body to create fuel from the ketones released by the liver when fats are broken down. It is important that anyone who is managing diabetes consult with their doctor before starting the ketogenic diet, as they may be at a higher risk for hypoglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis.


Most people look at the keto diet as a great way to lose weight by reducing the amount of carbs they eat and replacing them with healthy fats, but there is so much more to it than that. One of the biggest benefits of reducing carbs and eliminating at much sugar as possible is the positive effects it can have on both the prevention and treatment of diseases that feed on sugar. Along with obesity and diabetes, the cells of diseases like Lyme disease, heart disease and even types of cancer use sugars against us. These types of cells have been shown to need more glucose to survive than the cells around them. Anyone suffering from diseases like these should consult with their doctor to help determine if starting the keto diet can be beneficial to their individual dietary needs.


When we talk about sugar and the keto diet, it’s important to note that we talk about ALL sugars. Yes, even the sugars found in fruits. ONE medium red apple can have up to 25 grams of carbs, with 19 GRAMS OF SUGAR. We’re not knocking how healthy or unhealthy an apple can be, but when we are trying to change the way our bodies create energy on the keto diet, a regular apple can make it harder to get into, or to maintain ketosis. For people who want to add fruits to their keto diet, consider strawberries, raspberries or blackberries as your keto friendly fruits. If you’re someone who’s prone to having a sweet tooth, sweeteners like Stevia, Sucralose or Monk Fruit sweeteners can add that sweet flavor you’re looking for.


There are three primary body types, and we all fit somewhere into one of these groups. Understanding your body type can better help you plan your diet, map out the way you exercise and maximize your success on your Keto journey.

Ectomorphs are people who have long, lean bodies. You’ve probably heard the term “String Beans”? These are the perfect example of ectomorphs. This body type does not store much fat, but also has a harder time building muscle. If you are an ectomorph  on the Keto diet, you will probably have to increase your healthy fat intake more than others to get into ketosis and have success on the keto diet.

Mesomorphs are the people who just seem to have it easy when it comes to staying in shape. This body type isn’t going to store much fat, and has an easier time building muscle. If you find that you are a mesomorph, you may find that your macro ratio on the keto diet will have a wider range for you to experiment with. You won’t store as much fat, and you’ll have a higher metabolism than others on the keto diet.

Endomorphs are going to have a harder time than most on any sort of diet or fitness journey. This body type is predisposed to store fat, they naturally have a wider waist and bigger bones and have the hardest time building muscle. The good news for people with endomorph body types on the keto diet is that you may be able to lower your fat when calculating your macro ratio, and it may be easier to lose weight!